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Dj Live Act with Pedro Lagoá

28 Jan 2023 Club 12:00pm Members only
Dj Live Act with Pedro Lagoá Dj Live Act with Pedro Lagoá

Post-punk was his first and decisive musical influence, initially advocated by cult bands such as Joy Division, The Cure or Killing Joke, which followed on António Sérgio’s “Som da Frente” program - and in unavoidable places in Porto, like Batô. With the grunge of bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins or Soungarden, his passion for more styles of music grows, or hip-hop, to which he surrendered more recently. However, when it comes to dance floors, choose House. This universe of references marks the eclecticism of his performances. Performances guided by a wide variety of styles. However, House, always, even the most commercial, as well as rock and pop. The premise is not to be hostage to a particular style. And the rule is adapting to the space and the public, finding the right vibe without, however, compromising. He has been stepping on stages and tracks for a decade, followed by a community that is also quite eclectic at a generational level. Vibrant, addictive. For Pedro, without music, life would be no fun.

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