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Qatar World Cup | Live Music Pedro Carvalho & Zé Zambujo

2 Dec, 2022 Club 05:00pm Members only
Qatar World Cup | Live Music Pedro Carvalho & Zé Zambujo Qatar World Cup | Live Music Pedro Carvalho & Zé Zambujo

Pedro Carvalho and Zé Zambujo: the duo of friends that is livening up nights all over the country. One of the great hallmarks of this duo of musicians and friends is their versatility. Knowing how to read the public and adapt to the environment is essential to provide unforgettable nights.

For Pedro, reggae is the basis of everything, however, he ventures into various musical styles such as samba, bossa nova, flamenco and rock. Zé Zambujo has jazz and bossa nova roots but, like Pedro, he also adapts to the profile of the audience for his shows.Despite having different influences, their common goal is to create an original project “where they can mix Portuguese music with other world music, from Angola to Nigeria”.

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03:00pm | Coreia do Sul – Portugal

 05:00 - 07:00pm | Concert with Pedro Carvalho e  Zambujo

After an unforgettable night last month, Pedro Carvalho and Zé Zambujo are back at their club to relax between two great games of this World Cup.

From 5pm to 7pm, the duo, who liven up nights all over the country, promise to "alleviate the nerves" of a good football match. Animation and a lot of groove will not be missing!


07:00pm |  Camarões - Brasil

10:00 - 00:00pm | DJ



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