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Fine Jewlery Pop-Up

From 12 to 14 October Club 12:00pm — 08:00pm Members only
Fine Jewlery Pop-Up Fine Jewlery Pop-Up

Saldanha Joalheiros is a fine jewelry store offering a selection of highly creative European designed jewelry, located in the lobby of the Ritz Four Seasons Hotel in Lisbon.

Silvia Saldanha, founder of the business, was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but has lived in Lisbon for more than five decades. Silvia’s career started almost by chance when she took on an invitation to develop a research project and to create collections designed in Europe for various Brazilian jewelers. Making her way around the business, Silvia started to be more and more demanded to choose european models and collections when she finally decided to create the ideal jewelry store for the Portuguese market. A project that would be concluded with the formation of Saldanha Joalheiros after a 12-year maturation period. Silvia joined forces with her daughter, Sofia Paiva, who had the same vision as her and in 1997, when the invitation to join the select stores at the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz came, they opened their store in Lisbon.

According to both, the collections they choose now are curated focusing on today’s women, that is more functional and busier. For them, jewelry is seen as an accessory that completes a look. They search to find the best work in modern design that can be worn for longer, more times and in all types of occasions. Their aim is to combine beauty, quality and perfection.

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