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Dj Live Act - Sofia Gião

23 Sep, 2023 Club 12:00pm Members only
Dj Live Act - Sofia Gião Dj Live Act - Sofia Gião

The music has the force of an enchantment and that magnetism is evident in all of her performances. Her musical preferences are in Soulful House, Deep House, Afro House and Nu Disco. Her sets are influenced by the disco, funky and pop sounds she grew up with and enjoys taking “musical trips”, playing from classics to current commercial music. In the music she plays, elegance and sensuality come together and for many “her sound” is already considered a DISTINCTLY FEMININE SOUND. He is naturally versatile in his performances, always considering the audience. SG DJ wants your music to sound happy, celebrate life and love with joy and freedom. She believes that good energy is contagious and this attracts other good energies. This is her ideal.

She started working as a DJ in 2010, when she left her activity in the events area, completely changing her life to dedicate herself exclusively to work as a DJ and since then she has had a respectable rise, having gained notoriety and a space in the world of DJing in Portugal, currently being one of the most requested Portuguese DJs. “MUSIC and DANCE are your greatest source of FREEDOM”

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