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Dinner-Concert - Kitty LaRoar

16 Feb 2024 Club 11:00pm Members only
Dinner-Concert - Kitty LaRoar Dinner-Concert - Kitty LaRoar

Kitty LaRoar & Nick Shankland’s sound is somewhere between that of a jazz quartet and a big band. Kitty sings & plays drums, Nick sings at the piano and plays bass-keys, but often you can find them playing as trio with a saxophonist or trumpeter. Listening to Kitty purring her sultry jazz vocals is a treat in itself, but the sight of her poised elegantly at her miniature "cocktail" drum-kit lightly syncopating with her brushes makes this act a unique talking point. Kitty & Nick are every inch old-school Hollywood glamour, think Marilyn Monroe meets Frank Sinatra, or Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. These accomplished musicians are as happy in a concert setting as they are vastly experienced in the world of events. Straight from London to your club for an unforgettable concert!

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