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Dinner - Concert Ive Greice

2 Jun, 2023 Club 11:00pm Members only
Dinner - Concert Ive Greice Dinner - Concert Ive Greice

Born in Brasília, with a father, grandfather, and uncles who were musicians, Ive Greice discovered her passion for music at the age of five. At the age of 19, she moved to Rio de Janeiro, where she had the opportunity to sing, compose, and participate in concerts with artists such as Ivan Lins, Márcio Montarroyos, Jorge Vercilo, and Dudu Falcão. It was there that she recorded her first album, "Ao Som de Greice Ive," which mostly consisted of reinterpretations of great successes from Brazilian popular music. As a performer, Ive impresses with her vocal personality and a strong, sensual presence. These qualities caught the attention of Madonna when she saw Ive singing informally at a fado house in Lisbon in 2016, the year Ive came to Portugal for the first time for a mini-tour in the northern part of the country. The queen of pop music was so enthusiastic about the Brazilian singer that she later invited her to perform at her New Year's Eve party in New York.
But Ive Greice landed in Lisbon on the right foot, and three of her songs were chosen for the soundtrack of the Portuguese-Brazilian film "Alguém Como Eu," directed by Portuguese filmmaker Leonel Vieira. This first visit made her want to explore more, and the following year she returned, this time to stay. Her new album, "Vira Lata," is filled with Brazilian elements with African touches and reflects the musical blend she has been exposed to since arriving in Portugal, where she has been residing since 2017 and where she has been gaining more and more recognition. In 2019, she stood out with a beautiful performance at the Super Bock em Stock festival, which featured a surprise appearance by Dino D'santiago, who spontaneously shared vocals with her on the song "É Tanta Saudade." This song, recorded by Ive in 2018 with production by Nelson Motta and Liminha, was a tribute to Cesária Évora in a version of the Cape Verdean classic "Petit Pays." In 2020, she released and performed her single "Cola Na Boca". The song reflects much of what Lisbon means to the artist, as if it were a tribute to the Portuguese capital.
"Rota" is the new single by Ive Greice, which marks the return of the Brazilian artist with Cape Verdean heritage. The song was composed in September 2021, in the studio with renowned producer Stego and with friends Dino D'Santigo, Virgul, Riic Wolf, and Nuria Mallena.



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