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Vincent Van Duysen | JNcQUOI AD List 2024

December 2023

Meet Vincent Van Duysen, the visionary architect shaping the distinctive aesthetic of JNcQUOI. With a career marked by elegance and functionality, Van Duysen's design philosophy resonates seamlessly with the essence of our brand.

He is the owner of some of our most recent projects:

  • JNcQUOI Beach Club: The perfect haven to savor peaceful moments surrounded by the stunning beauty of Comporta. It's a masterpiece where the best of JNcQUOI's offerings are served amid Van Duysen's unparalleled design.
  • JNcQUOI House (opening soon)
  • Fashion Clinic Flagship Store (opening soon)

Discover the genius of Vincent Van Duysen, where each space tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and a passion for creating environments that transcend the ordinary.

And we've proudly secured a spot on the prestigious AD100 list for 2024 with JNcQUOI Beach Club.

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Vincent Van Duysen and Architectural Digest for his invaluable support in establishing JNcQUOI as a globally recognied brand with Portuguese roots.


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