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Lazaro Rosa Violan | JNcQUOI AD List 2024

December 2023

Step into the world of architectural brilliance with Lázaro Rosa-Violán, the creative mind behind the captivating designs of JNcQUOI. A painter, traveler, and atmosphere creator, Rosa-Violán brings a unique touch to each project.

Get to know Lázaro Rosa-Violán's JNcQUOI journey:

  • JNcQUOI Avenida: stands as our "Little Black Dress" – a timeless classic seamlessly blended with a contemporary allure. Rosa-Violán's touch transforms this space into an elegant masterpiece, where tradition meets modernity.
  • JNcQUOI Asia: drawing inspiration from the rich and diverse cultures of India, Thailand, China, and Japan, JNcQUOI Asia proudly stands as the destination for gastronomic adventures. Rosa-Violán's design ensures an immersive experience, celebrating the flavors and traditions of these vibrant cultures.
  • JNcQUOI Club: a private members club, is more than a space; it's your home away from home. With Rosa-Violán's expertise, the club becomes a sanctuary of exclusivity, blending comfort and sophistication in every detail.

Dive into Lázaro Rosa-Violán's creative world, where each project tells a tale of exploration and a passion for creating timeless and charming spaces.

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