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Jean-Philippe Demeyer | JNcQUOI AD List 2024

December 2023

Discover the magic woven by Jean Philippe Demeyer, the creative force shaping distinctive spaces for JNcQUOI. As an architect renowned for his visionary approach, Demeyer brings a touch of the extraordinary to every project.

Explore Jean Philippe Demeyer's creative JNcQUOI journey:

  • JNcQUOI Frou Frou: Expect the Unexpected! Step into the unexpected at JNcQUOI Frou Frou, where Demeyer challenges you to embrace a night in the JNcQUOI way, accompanied by the finest Cantonese cuisine. Inspired by the oriental '20s and China's clandestine elite venues, it marks the world's first immersive sound dining experience. The ambience, enriched by extravagant characters like our iconic Miss Frou Frou, guarantees a night to be remembered for years.
  • Delibar Comporta (opening soon): Anticipate the unveiling of Delibar Comporta, an upcoming venture by Demeyer. Stay tuned as we bring his innovative vision to life in this exciting new project.

Jean Philippe Demeyer transforms spaces into unforgettable experiences, where each project reflects his commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity.

And we've proudly secured a spot on the prestigious AD100 list for 2024 with JNcQUOI Frou Frou.

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Jean Philippe Demeyer and Architectural Digest for his invaluable support in establishing JNcQUOI as a globally recognied brand with Portuguese roots.


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